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Fungal Nail – Laser Treatment

Do you have Scary Nails?Laser6

  • Fungal infections of the nails are medically term “Onychomycosis”
  • It is estimated to effects 1.6 million Australian’s.
  • Fungi are dermatophytes that feed on nail keratin
  • Appearance of the nail can range from brown and crumbly through to white and separated.
  •  Fungus usually invade the nail because of injury to the nail bed, tight footwear or pre-existing  medical condition.
  • Fungus can spread from one toe to another and thrive in warm humid conditions.
  • Early treatment will give greater long term outcomes.

Why See Us?

Footpoint Laser Clinic is Sydney’s leading centre for treating nail fungus.  Our expert Podiatrist’s diagnose, treat and help prevent nail infections.  We currently have four convenient locations  around Sydney.

  • Expert Podiatry knowledge
  • Diagnosis of nail conditions
  • Latest 1064n laser treatment for nail fungus
  • Strategies to prevent nail fungus from reinfecting
  • Products to prevent reinfection

Our Mission is to provide effective nail care in a friendly environment, using the latest research while combining our wealth of experience and technology to get your nails looking great.

 Laser treatment for nail fungusnailbeingtreated

The ability of the 1064 laser energy to gently heat the nail bed makes it ideal for the safe and effective desired result of nail clearing. The effects of 1064 nanometer laser energy on nail fungi are two fold and understood in relation to cellular chemical reactions within fungal cells that are necessary for fungal growth and survival. The photo-thermal effect changes cellular metabolism and at increased temperature (42°C), cell components are damaged and metabolism is altered. Clinicians report a photo-chemical effect that further compromises fungal cell enzymes and proteins. Lipids in cell membranes are changed in structure and their function of protecting and regulating the internal environment of the cell becomes further compromised resulting in fungal death and nail clearance.

During the laser treatment, a laser beam will be slowly directed across the nail bed. The laser beam will generate heat beneath the nail and within the underlying fungal colony. You will feel a warm sensation during the procedure which lasts 1 minute to 2 minutes per toenail.

You will not see a result immediately, but rather over a period of months as the nail resumes healthy growth. Nails grow slowly, so you may not see a significant improvement for several months, but you should see a gradual growth of clear nail.

Additional treatments may be recommended depending on the severity of the fungal infection. Your podiatrist will talk with you about the possibility of having additional treatments and will also advise you on the proper care of your nails to minimise the risk of recurrence.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

  • 70 – 80% success rate (success will depend on type of infection and other environmental factors)
  • The procedure is safe
  • No anesthesia is required
  • There are no side effects
  • There is no visible harm to the treated nail or adjacent skin
  • Socks and shoes can be worn immediately after the procedure
  • There is no “recovery“ period after the procedure
  • We do NOT treat with laser if you are pregnant

Before and after


Appointments are necessary  please phone to schedule a time.

  • Mosman:  Monday, Tuesday and  Saturday
  • Croydon:   Wednesday
  • Bondi:        Monday
  • City:            Thursday  and Friday
  • Ryde:         Tuesday
  • Dee Why:  Thursday and Friday

When you come in  for your appointment, please remove all toenail polish before hand and bring in a pair of clean socks.

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Fee schedule:

If you are unsure that your nail is infected with fungus, we offer a health fund GAP FREE nail assessment appointment.  If you are sure you have an infection please book in for a laser appointment.

The prices are determined on the number of nails infected.

  • 1 nail:     $160
  • 2 nails:   $190
  • 3 nails:   $220
  • 4 nails:   $250
  • 5 nails:   $280
  • 6 nails:   $310
  • 7 nails:   $340
  • 8 nails:   $370
  • 9 nails:   $400
  • 10 nails: $430