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The Team at Footsport Podiatry

Lance Penn – Principal Podiatrist


Lance Penn has over 14 years experience in private practice. He grew up and qualified in Johannesburg, South Africa and ran abusy private practicebefore moving to Australia in 2001.He started the City Practice in early 2002 and built it in to  a well respected sports clinic. In 2006 Brent joined Lance and between them they manage both City and Mosman Clinics.

Lance married in 2003 and has three young children.  Lance is passionate about life and infuses this into the relationships and commitment he has with his patients. Lance enjoys running although in the last year has been out of action with a few injures.



Brent Goddard – Principal PodiatristFOOTPOINT46694

Brent trained in New Zealand finishing his degree in 1997. He worked in Dunedin running the podiatry department of Otago Sports Medicine.  Moving to UK in 2001 where he worked for the National Health Services for 3 years. Brent arrived in Australia in 2004.

Brent married in 2007 and has children, he manages to find the time to train so he can regularly compete in running and cycling events. Brent has a keen interest in running shoes and sports podiatry and enjoys working with sports people.



Lesley Price – PodiatristFOOTPOINT47146

Lesley joined Footsport in January 2012.  She qualified with  a Bachelor of Podiatry from the University of Newcastle in 2011. Lesley also contributes time to the Footsport Shoe Clinic where she gives advice about injuries to the lower limb and assists with shoe fittings.  Lesley is interested in running and spends most nights after work at the gym. She is very dedicated to the Footsport team and enjoys being in the company of her patients.




Brendan Coyle – PodiatristFOOTPOINT47568

Brendan qualified with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatry) in 2004. He has worked in private practice in both Sydney and Canberra and currently has a consulting role with the Australian Defence Force. Brendan ran a busy privatepractice in Dublin, Ireland from 2008 to 2011 and recently returned to join the Footsport team in February 2012.

Brendan has a keen interest in fitness and sport. He grew up running, swimming and playing football and is still passionate participant in all these areas. He thoroughly enjoys his work as a Podiatrist.




Luke Bortolussi – Podiatrist FOOTPOINT47464

Luke graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Podiatry) in 2002. With almost a decades experience

as a podiatrist, Lu ke hasdedicated the last 7 years towards work within private practice where he enjoys
the varied workload. With a keen interest in lower limb biomechanics and sport, Luke completed his Master Trainer 3 & 4 in 2012 and is now a qualified personal trainer.
Luke and his partner became the proud parents of a little girl in 2013.




 Reid Lyons – PodiatristFOOTPOINT47020

Reid is originally from New Zealand where he trained and practiced until immigrating to Sydney in 2009. Reid joined the Footsport team in January 2013 after a few months of traveling. Reid divides  his time between the Mosman clinic, and the new North Ryde clinic.  Reid also helps in the Footsport shoe clinic each week discussing lower limb injuries and assits with shoe fittings. Having played rugby and a other sports he has an interest in your health and well being, helping you achieve your sporting goals no matter how small or large . Out side of work Reid can be found in the surf on the northern beaches or on his mountain bike.




Jane Gillings – Practice Manager FOOTPOINT46545

Jane Gillings has been with the Footsport Team for two years and plays an integral role running and organising the clinic. She is married with three children and is keen tennis player , snow skier and enjoys meeting people from all walks of life.

Jane has a background in marketing and research.







Clare Thomas – Receptionist – MosmanFOOTPOINT46906






Penny Hodges – Receptionist – Mosman/Dee WhyFOOTPOINT47303







Jo Louder – Receptionist – Dee WhyFOOTPOINT47243







Miranda Goddard – Account ManagerFOOTPOINT46655